Book vs. Film: Flowers in the Attic


They’re both so terrible, I can’t even…

So why did I go there?

Flowers in the Attic was the book that was passed around secretly between my friends when I was 14 (picking up where Judy Blume’s Forever left off). I’m not sure why the secrecy – from memory, my mum let me read whatever I liked.

Flowers in the Attic was the Twilight of my generation. Everyone read the whole series and the books were discussed at length (note that this is why I read Twilight – I’m always curious to see what captures teens so totally).

I re-read Flowers before watching the film. Both were woeful. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away.


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  1. I actually quite liked flowers in the attic. Not yet read the rest of the series and not sure I will. I have to say even though I read the twilight books in my twenties, i still quite like them. They are my guilty pleasure.

    • Yes, reading ‘junk food’! I also enjoyed the Twilight series (although thought the movies were even better) – the writing was hardly memorable but hard to resist a really good love triangle.

  2. I did try to read this once. I’d gone away for a summer bumming round Greek Islands and on arriving in I think Spetse, discovered I’d left my books behind! There was only one English Lang book I could find in the hostel – a Flowers. I took it first day to the beach. It was awful. Next day I left Spetse and doubled back on myself just to get my books back!

  3. I LOVE what you said about Flowers in the Attic being the Twilight of your generation. I don’t know whether we’re the same age, but this is SO true for me! When I was in about 8th or 9th grade (circa 1980), we were all obsessed with it. I loved it. But yes, a truly bad book and an even worse movie.

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