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1. Last week we took the kids to hear David Doubilet speak. David is an underwater photographer and has dozens of National Geographic covers to his credit – his images are famous (you probably know lots of them without even realising it).

So perhaps not the usual family outing but one of my boys is shark-and-marine-creatures-obsessed (and his name is Finn) and I knew he’d enjoy hearing David speak. David commented that a photograph is often more powerful than a movie (in terms of public support for conservation), simply because an image fixes in your mind. So true.


2. Uni has started again. I’m getting into the nitty-gritty of genetics now. It’s riveting stuff. Every day I’m there I think “Thank God I had a mid-life-career-crisis and did this.”

3. It was raining heavily as I left uni on Monday. So I had to take shelter in a (conveniently located) book shop. I may or may not* have bought three books.

4. Weird and unnecessary over-share: one of my kids had croup this week (thought we’d finished with croup…). Anyway, as always, it starts in the middle of the night and with great urgency. I woke at 2am to the sound of him simultaneously screaming and barking like a dog. Flung myself out of bed to get to him. Somehow in the chaos (it was borderline ‘Should we take him to hospital?’ stuff), I burst a blood vessel in my eye. Isn’t that weird? Just quietly, it looks hideous (I’m not squeamish but I’ve never been great with eyeballs, particularly ones filled with blood). How long does it take for a bloody eyeball to settle down (I have a function to go to on Saturday night)?

5. Two months ago, a friend and I took our kids to the Little Big Shots film festival. There was one film that made Emma and I laugh. In fact, we laughed so hard that our kids were giving us Looks. The film was a Dutch animation by Kris Genijn, titled History of Pets and I’ve been meaning to share it. It’s dark but so, so funny. And the graphics are pretty cool.

Christine at Bookishly Boisterous started this meme – get amongst it.

* Did – Game Day, The Miniaturist, The Eye of the Sheep. God knows when I’ll have time to read them.


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  1. Wow, I am in awe of people who have young children that keep up with their reading and blogging. Sounds like you had a weird and wonderful week.

  2. What gorgeous photos!

    I also had a career crisis and went back to uni – totally worth it.

    I’ve burst lots of blood vessels in my eye – terrible hayfever 🙁 it hasn’t happened for a while but I think it took about a week to clear, so if you’ve only burst one blood vessel I’d be hopeful it will clear by Saturday – fingers crossed!

  3. Finn is a brilliant name choice.

    Also, I don’t know if it made the news/TV over there, but this awful movie (but hilariously awful) Sharknado’s main character is named Finn. My Finn was thrilled.

    • Sharknado did make the news here… it might have been floating around on TV but we haven’t seen it. My Finn would probably love it! (sharks, his name… it’s got it all!).

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