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It’s more on the ‘bookish’ side of things this week…

1. It’s almost time for the Melbourne Writers Festival. I’ve got tickets for Sonya Hartnett, Dave Eggers and some stuff for the kids. My wishlist is also eleventy billion miles long, so I’m just working out how I can put life on hold for two weeks while I go to #ALLTHEEVENTS.

2. The Man Booker Prize Longlist 2014 has been announced. There’s a couple on the list that I intend to read (the Hustvedt and the Nicholls) but I already know what I’m cheering for.

3. Currently re-reading (for Lianne’s re-reading challenge) Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend. I read it when it was first released in 2002 but it coincided with the birth of my first baby and consequently, the whole thing is a blur. In fact, there are elements of the story that I have no memory of whatsoever.

4. The only thing I don’t understand about this article is why the title says ‘former’. You know where I stand* on these books, people.

5. My book group met last night. I thought I would be the only one who really didn’t like the book we’d picked** (a recent Australian release that has been getting lots of media attention). Turns out no one liked it.

6. There are a few books by some Australian authors on the horizon that I’m looking forward to:

Book buying ahead.


7. Graeme Simsion has penned the sequel to The Rosie ProjectThe Rosie Effect. When I heard Simsion speak last year, he mentioned that sequels to rom-coms are notoriously difficult to write because there’s really only two outcomes – they live happily ever after (boring) or they break-up (well that sucks). Will he pull it off? We’ll have to wait until September to find out.

8. Eton Mess cupcakes. I know, right?! File those under ‘Delicious’.

9. I love these photographs of Germany from the air.



Christine at Bookishly Boisterous started this meme – get amongst it.

* Love them.
** Not telling which book. If you’re desperate to know, you can play detective – the answer is on this blog.

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  1. I flew over Texas last week and spent to whole time wondering what the little grids I could see on the ground. They looked like the dots and lines kids make when they play and connect the dots game. The view was definitely not as cool as your photos over Germany.

  2. I’ve booked a few MWF events as well, we should catch up for a coffee? I’ll be at the Eggers, also at the Helen Garner and lots of bits in between. Saw Helen G at a library event yesterday (talking about The Spare Room) as well as in Mildura on Saturday (talking about the new one, and reading from the first few pages). Will be blogging about those events when I get the chance it’s been a busy week. Looking forward to Garner’s new book as well. Three weeks! I thought it was longer.

    I re-read The Little Friend over summer as well, after Goldfinch. It’s a strange book but I really like most of it. And like you, bits I couldn’t remember. Interested to hear what you make of it a second time around.

    That book you did at book club – I’m not even tempted to read it. Been hearing that your response is, let’s say, commonplace.

    And the Booker? I think I’m going, strangely, for Flanagan. It’s oddI know, because I didn’t *love* the book but I think he deserves to be recognised for it. It’s ambitious and large in ways that WAACBO isn’t,even though I did love that one.

    • Yes, let’s meet! (I’ll DM you via Twitter closer to the Festival and we can plan).

      I liked your ‘review’ of the Mildura Writers Festival and very, very jealous of all the Helen Garner action. Unfortunately I won’t get to see her at the MWF – clashes with other stuff. But looking forward to reading her latest book.

      I’m moving slowly through The Little Friend – it’s not all consuming the way her other books are. The thing that strikes me this time is that I don’t get a good sense of time… when is it supposed to be set? It’s odd, because the sense of place is terrific.

      Re my book club pick – I’m being careful because obviously I want to support Australian authors and wish them all the success. 🙂

      Haven’t read the Flanagan. I should so that I can have an informed Booker opinion. I’m still thinking about WAACBO but agree, it didn’t necessarily break new ground.

  3. Interesting and informative post. As I don’t tend to fare well with award winning books I’m afraid that whilst I do follow nominations for this award and that award I don’t overly concern myself with them.

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