Book Week 2013

book week

Today marked the finish of Book Week. Book Week at my kids’ school ends with a parade – everyone is invited to dress-up as their favourite book character and take part. The teachers are always in costume (it’s a serious business and I love that they dress-up).

Now I don’t want to ‘rain on the parade’ so to speak but I am a bit of Book Week purist. Characters more commonly associated with the screen? No. Star Wars and Toy Story? Sorry, no. I acknowledge that there are books about Star Wars and Toy Story but really, Darth Vader and Woody are in the movie business. Wizard of Oz – borderline.

I might be the only person on Twitter using the hashtag #BookWeektrends but I’ll give you a quick breakdown of this year’s parade.

On the out: Harry Potter (in previous years you could barely move for all the Harrys).

Holding steady: Pippi Longstocking (because who doesn’t want wire in their plaits?), Cat in the Hat and Where’s Wally.

Emerging trends: Moomintrolls, Mr. Men characters and (worryingly) a few Alices in costumes that looked a little ‘mature’*.

In our house we had one Hey Jack, one Big Nate, one Tintin and one Giant Jam Sandwich. Three quarters of these costumes were assembled this morning before school. I yelled a lot.

Now that you’ve read my wrap-up of Book Week, read Tony Wilson’s. You know Tony’s a Book Week Purist when you read bits such as –

“…Polly is considerably more resistant to public humiliation than I ever was. I wanted to dress her as Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man, but both wife and daughter convinced me that the line between stick and turd was too narrow for Grade 1s to negotiate.”

And so it ends for another year. Despite my best intentions to be more organised next time, I’m fairly sure I’ll be yelling at 8am on August 22, 2014 but one thing is for certain – they’ll be dressed as book characters.

*thank God for leggings.

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  1. I was dropping my son off at school (that, rather sadly, does not celebrate anything like book week) and I’m constantly amazed/appalled at what parents send their daughters to school in. In some cases, girls are wearing shorts that have as much coverage as undergarments. Obviously the dress code is not being enforced, but I’m not sure anyone wants to point out that a seven year old is dressed too provocatively (because then it points out that you’re noticing, etc.). Not to mention the little girls with bleached hair, eyeshadow, and lipstick. I feel so old and stuffy.

    I would’ve gone as Pippi when I was younger.

    • Most schools in Australia have a school uniform which I LOVE – makes everything easier (getting dressed in the morning is faster, differences between kids from a socio-economic POV are less obvious, and of course uniforms are age and climate appropriate).

      Thankfully I still have a fair degree of control over my daughter’s wardrobe (sometimes her colour combinations are questionable) but what frightens me the most is what’s on sale for kids of her age – sorry, six-year-olds don’t need thigh-high hem-lines. And make-up and bleached hair? Hell no. I guess I’m with you, old and stuffy.

      I always went as Alice (I had the hair and it’s still one of my favourite books) which is why I feel a little distressed by some of the modern Alice looks. For example: Horrible.

  2. Cute! It was the last book parade for me since they only do the dress up for years K-2 and my youngest is now in year 2. This year he was Harry Potter ( we recycled his older brother’s costume from last year 🙂

  3. Our school has a school concert every second year instead of celebrating book week. Crikey, it’s a massive effort, but always worthwhile. Last year at our book week parade, there were plenty of Pippis and Wallys. I’m with you on the Disney movie thing. Cannot bear it!

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