Australia’s greatest game… Books for the footy season

This is what’s at my front door this week.

footy boots

Yes, it’s footy season. That special time when my weekends are planned around junior football. In a new family best, we have six separate footy commitments in the weekly schedule, not including trying to get to see these guys:


I enjoy watching it (preferably Carlton but I have been known to attend any old game) and I particularly love watching my own kids play, whether it be a match or kick-to-kick in the backyard.

I also don’t mind reading about footy. Honestly, I don’t get into the Herald-Sun’s weekly 80-page football lift-out but I don’t mind a football theme in a story. I have four on my winter to-be-read list:

1. Eleven Seasons by Paul D. Carter – a coming-of-age football story set in Melbourne and last year’s winner of the Vogel prize. The draw card? It’s all about the suburbs I know and being a teen in the eighties.

2. Players by Tony Wilson – for a witty footy story. Also check out Tony’s blog – he always makes me laugh out loud and writes about everything from sports to In the Night Garden.

3. Footy Town edited by Paul Daffey and John Harms – a collection of football yarns from around Australia, perfect for picking up at half time. The collection is written by players, has-beens and fans –

“They paint a vivid picture of footy’s rich culture; a picture of mud and dust; of Dencorub and the clack of stops; of lumpy back pockets and racehorse half-forwards; of spiralling torps and once-upon-a-time drop kicks; of savs bubbling away forever.”

4. The Whole of My World by Nicole Hayes – This one’s not out until June but I have an ARC that I’m looking forward to reviewing. Nice to see a footy story written by a female author and about a female character.


For my international readers who have no idea what kind of football I’m talking about, find out a bit about Australian Rules Football here or check out the video clip below – it’s the last two minutes of the best Carlton game I have ever seen (Essendon supporters, look away now).

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  1. Agree it’s the greatest game.Disagree about the team to follow. LOL I follow the premier team and cheer, cheer the red and the white. I have eleven seasons here too. Haven’t heard of the other books, so thanks.

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