It’s hot. Buy scarves.


It’s really tiresome when people moan about the weather.

So I’ll keep it brief.

It’s bloody hot in Melbourne. It’s meant to be autumn and yet we’re having a heat wave. We’re on our tenth consecutive day of 32 degrees plus (that’s 90F for my northern hemisphere friends). Overnight the mercury is hovering around 26 degrees (79F). Yesterday when I got into my car the dashboard read 48 degrees (118F). So what do I do? Buy some scarves, of course.

If I can’t have autumn, I’ll think autumnal thoughts. Cool mornings, clear days. The switch from the kids playing backyard cricket to backyard footy. Flirting with the idea of making soup. Throwing on a cardie because it gets a little chilly. And scarves….

In an effort to fly in the face of THIS BLOODY HEAT WAVE, I picked up two new scarves – both lightweight, both PERFECT FOR AUTUMN (do you hear me, autumn?!).


The first is from Etsy store, Brookish – it’s Mr Darcy’s proposal printed in aqua text on white jersey. It’s going to look fab with my new apple green cardigan.

The second is a cosier wrap-around scarf from Storiarts, printed with text from The Great Gatsby. This one will see me well into the footy season.

So autumn… Bring it on.



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  2. I’ve been hanging for autumn too, staring at our flannel sheets in the linen cupboard, longing for stockings and cardigans and bed socks.
    Love your blog (visiting from Kidspot), although your TBR list is frighteningly large. How many books do you read a week?

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