Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books I Resolve to Read in 2013


Resolutions. Some years I embrace them, other years I save time and discard all thoughts of them one minute into the New Year. I have no grand plans for 2013, short of a vague desire to ‘get back on the water’ (in my life before kids I rowed. I miss it. Every time I see a crew on the Yarra there’s a twinge of envy. Maybe 2013 is the year to get back in a boat… Just to see if I still love it as much as I did then).

But on to resolutions I can keep. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new ‘top ten’ challenge is posted – anyone can join in. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books I Resolve to Read in 2013.

So I’m cheating a little on this. My first five book resolutions are actually book lists… See what I did there? I cleverly turned a Top Ten into a Top Forty (of fifty… or sixty).

1. The books remaining on my Mount TBR challenge. I highly recommend this challenge – excellent for curbing compulsive book-buying.

2. The books on my Top Ten Most Anticipated Books for 2013 list.

3. The books on my Top Ten Tuesday – ABC… My Alphabetical Author List Has Some Gaps.

4. The two unread books on the ‘Top Ten Aussie Books You Must Read Before You Die’ list. In fact, I might also attempt some re-reads from this fab list.

5. The five books I’ve already listed for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013.


6. Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon – highly recommended by one of my favourite book-bloggers, Annabel Smith.

7. Empire Falls by Richard Russo – highly recommended by another of my favourite book-bloggers, Rory O’Connor.

8. Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt – ditto no. 7

9. Eleven Seasons by Paul D. Carter – recommended by a trusted friend (and the Vogel Prize winner 2012).

10. Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead – ditto no. 9…. are you sensing a theme here? There’s a handful of blogs I read and reading buddies I have that never fail me when it comes to a recommending a good book.

Crumbs. Didn’t even mention my NetGalley list….

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  1. So I am excited for 7, 8, and 10. I must warn you, I did meet someone recently who didn’t love Tell the Wolves I’m Home. For shame. It must be an anomaly. She is only one person. And Empire Falls is one of my favorite books ever. And Seating Arrangements is great too, although she is a little to young to have written such a wonderful book. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of particular books to try and read in one year! Tell the Wolves I’m Home is on my Goodreads TBR list. Telegraph Avenue sounds good too, but my TBR list is so freaking long that I’m not adding anything else to it just yet!

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